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Update announcement: the latest version of AraNet (V2) is now available from here.

This reports all connected AraNet neighbors to your query genes.
Coherence of query genes is measured by the area under the receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve (AUC) spaning from 0.5 (for no coherence, i.e., random performance) to 1 (for maximum coherence). A high AUC value (e.g., > 0.65) is considered to be predictive. If you see high AUC for genes from your initial screen, their top neighbors would be good candidates for your follow-up screen, network-guided focused screen. This search has query gene set size limit of 250, and shows graph layouts as well.

Same as above except allowing querying up to 2,000 genes, but no graph layout.

This predicts Gene Ontology (GO) biological process terms for query genes based on AraNet.

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