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 a probabilistic functional gene network of 18,714 validated protein-encoding genes of Homo sapiens (by NCBI March 2007), constructed by a modified Bayesian integration of 21 types of 'omics' data from multiple organisms, with each data type weighted according to how well it links genes that are known to function together in H. sapiens. Each interaction in HumanNet has an associated log-likelihood score (LLS) that measures the probability of an interaction representing a true functional linkage between two genes.

 as a collaboration between the Lee Lab at Yonsei University, Korea and the Marcotte Lab at University of Texas at Austin, USA.

A total of 1,524 human genes (green node: known by function, red node: unknown by function) and 8,656 links with highest confidence are shown here. If you would like to fly into the human cell, click HERE to download and start the movie.

 please go to the search page and enter a gene, or list of genes, in the box provided, using Entrez Gene ID. The search will return all of the genes that are directly connected to an input gene (or set of genes), ranked according to their log-likelihood scores. The evidence for each interaction is indicated using the evidence codes listed at the bottom of each page.

Current network statistics :
version# genes# linkagescoverage of 18,714 validated protein-coding loci

Reference :
Prioritizing candidate disease genes by network-based boosting of genome-wide association data
Insuk Lee, U. Martin Blom, Peggy I. Wang, Jung Eun Shin, and Edward M. Marcotte
Genome Research 21(7):1109-21 (2011) Link

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